The Date

A young man invites a lady over for the first time ever, and things don’t go right. Made for my Intro to Directing class at SFUAD in Fall 2017.

“The Date” – Student Short Film

For my CSULB Production II class, I directed a romantic comedy about the silly mishaps that occur on a first date. The script was written by Travis M. Baker and depicts the anxiety and naivety that is experienced once or…

Date Interview

Directing Class with Mustapha Khan (Director of several pieces from Sesame Street and the Indie movie Rock Steady). The task of class was to write a flash film in the comedy genre that entailed a job or date interview gone…

Bar Crossed Lovers Ep. 4 – The Cleanse

Bar Crossed Lovers is a new digital comedy series that follows two groups of friends as they navigate the ins and outs, ups and downs of contemporary dating. In Ep. 4 ‘The Cleanse’ Jessica reveals her most humiliating moment involving…

Date Night

I directed a short skit for my Intermediate Audio class at Ryerson University to showcase post sound design and foley, particularly during the dining scene. Music: Lionel Richie – Hello