Spider-man MoCap Lab Session Team Rotosaur Video

Assignment 3: Final Project Description Find a creative project idea that: employs motion capture technology results in a short recorded animation (10 to 30 seconds) or a playable interactive animation. By the proposal due date/time, submit a project proposal (one…

Due Date Gameplay

This was a 2D game I made in my Unity class last semester. I did all the coding and designed the main character whereas my partner Dillon O’keefe designed everything else in the game.

Bad Date

A short film done by Houston Lowry at the Woodbury University Sophomore Studio class. Animated with Toonboom Harmony and edited in Adobe Premiere.

Distant Love

An animated short film exploring the impact of communication technology on dating and relationships. Produced by a youth artist during BAYCAT’s Summer Media Class. Love movies and want to make your own? Like to draw or doodle? Learn more about…

“Dream Date” shot progression

Shot progression from video reference to final for my “Dream Date” sequence, mentored by Dreamworks supervising animator Sean Sexton. This was done in Class 6 of Animation Mentor’s Character Animation program, Winter 2017. Rigs from Animation Mentor. Props from Turbosquid.…